Executive Board
Nominating Committee


3. Membership and Administration

3.1. Membership FEPS shall consist of the following classes of membership

3.1.1. Member societies of two types, i.e.

a. Constituent societies, i.e. societies with legal seats in the European region which are concerned with the science of physiology, and

b. Associateded societies, i.e. societies and groups in the European region with interests that include aspects of physiology or deal with related fields of science.

3.1.2. Corporate members

3.1.3. Individual members (cf. 3.3.)

3.2. Constituent societies shall represent one (national) society per country or one (regional) society from a geographical region which adequately represents those concerned with scientific studies in the field of physiology. Any constituent society shall have a general assembly which is the deliberation body of the society.

3.3. All individual members of the member societies are ipso facto members of FEPS.

3.4. A responsible officer of each member society will biannually send a list of its individual members to the Secretary General of FEPS.

3.5. New admissions on written application of societies or corporations to membership of FEPS are to be decided by its Council, provided that the society or corporation making the application has lodged full details and documentation of its activities with the Secretary General at least three months before the Council meeting. A challenged applicant for membership has the right to appeal to the Council within one month after notification of the rejection; at the next Council meeting the final decision is made.

3.6. Corporate membership may be extended to any corporation, partnership, foundation, society of other organization that contribute to FEPS annually a sum fixed by the Executive Board. Corporate members will receive all material which FEPS distributes to its member societies. Corporate membership shall be recognized in the publications of FEPS.