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FEPS Visiting Programme for Physiology Teachers

Objective: The program aims to support the exchange of experienced teachers of Physiology for a limited period of time between member countries of FEPS in order to facilitate and improve planning, administration and implementation of teaching within the physiological sciences at university level.

Format: Exchange will take place in the format of visits for curriculum definition, adjustment and management (CAM-exchange) or stays which also include direct participation in current scheduled teaching and examination (STE-exchange).

Expenses: Travel expenses are covered by sponsorships from FEPS or from external sponsors through FEPS after application from the hosting institution. Travel expenses (economy level) to a maximum of €500,- will be reimbursed by FEPS after the completion of the visit on receipt of original travel documents and a report on the visit. Room and board during the exchange are paid by the hosting institution directly to the supplier. The exchange does not include any form of monetary compensation from the hosting institution to the exchange visitor.

Exchange teacher candidates: It is the responsibility of the host institution to identify the exchange teacher. In case of difficulties, the FEPS Secretary General is happy to advise.

Reports: Within one month after the termination of an exchange visit, one page standardized reports must be submitted to FEPS from the exchange teacher and from the host institution. Forms and specifications for reports are generated by FEPS.

Application procedure. Application should be sent to the Secretary General of FEPS at least 3 months before the start of the visit