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The official Journal of the Federation of European Physiological Societies (FEPS)

Acta Physiologica is the official Journal of the Federation of European Physiological Societies (FEPS). This is in line with a development, initiated in 1989, to convert the journal from a provincially Nordic to an international journal. From its start in 1889, the main aim of the Journal (then Skandinavisches Archiv für Physiologie) was to constitute a forum for Scandinavian (Nordic) physiologists to publish their scientific contributions to an international public. It took as long as to 1989 until the decision was taken to open the Journal to contributions from all over the world. As a result of this change in policy, from 1997 on the non-Nordic submissions have outnumbered the Nordic ones and today only one out of four manuscripts originate from the Nordic countries. To further underline the fact that the Journal is now an international, rather than a Nordic, journal of physiological sciences, the abbreviation APS to designate the Journal was introduced in 2004. Within the framework of its collaboration with the Federation of European Physiological Societies (FEPS), the Journal provides the Federation with a publication forum for Society matters, abstracts and manuscripts and, in addition, contributes to the economic basis of FEPS. As a result of the collaboration, the Journal broadens its international basis, thus increasing the number of scientists who perceive the journal as a natural publication choice. We believe that this broadening enhances the possibility to secure the future of the journal. It is natural that the Scandinavian Physiological Society (SPS) strengthens its relation to FEPS, since SPS is one of the 26 member societies of FEPS. In relation to this new role of the Journal, two other changes will occur. Firstly, the Editorial board will undergo a successive further internationalization, with an increased participation from the other FEPS societies being an important component. Secondly, the Journal will change its name to Acta Physiologica, i.e. 'Scandinavica' will be deleted in the name, to emphasise the international character of the Journal. This can also be seen as a tribute to the former Chief Editor, Professor Börje Uvnäs, who during his last years as Chief Editor repeatedly advocated this change, but without getting the necessary majority for it. For technical reasons, the name change will occur with the first issue of 2006. We believe that the close collaboration between Acta Physiologica and FEPS, which is initiated with this issue, will strengthen the development of both parties and, for the long-term, also benefit the field of Physiology.

Anders Arner Pontus Persson Bryndis Birnir

President, SPS Chief Editor, Acta Physiologica Secretary General, SPS



The Federation of European Physiological Societies (FEPS) was founded in 1991 with the aim of establishing a common platform for European physiologists. At present 26 national Physiological Societies are member of FEPS. The major objectives of FEPS can be summarized as follows:

  1. to promote and foster the exchange and diffusion of concepts and information between physiologists and the societies of physiology in the European region
  2. to facilitate the dissemination of information concerning the activities of the member societies
  3. to encourage joint meetings of two or more member societies
  4. to facilitate the exchange of invitations between member societies to national or regional meetings
  5. to advance knowledge in the scientific disciplines relating to physiology by supporting and providing suitable mechanisms for training programs in physiology
  6. to advance the exchange of graduate students and scientists within Europe and on an international scale
  7. to stimulate international scientific research projects in Europe.

Certainly such a Federation needs a common rostrum, preferably a regular Journal with a strong affiliation to member Societies and therefore sharing common goals with the individual members. With the new agreement between FEPS and Acta Physiologica Scandinavica /Scandinavian Physiological Society in April 2005 this has now been achieved. Under this agreement the name of the Journal will be changed into Acta Physiologica and FEPS will publish news and views on dedicated FEPS-pages. The Table of Contents of each volume of the Journal will be e-mailed to all individual members of the national Societies together with a short FEPS News Letter – every month. The electronic version of Acta Physiologica will also be available free of charge for all individual members via the website of FEPS through codes distributed by their respective National Societies. In addition Acta Physiologica will provide financial support to a variety of FEPS activities.

Abstracts from meeting where FEPS is a partner will be published in Acta Physiologica – and be available electronically and be citable. All national Societies are invited to publish their own meetings abstracts following the rules of the Journal. FEPS also aims to facilitate invited reviews and “special issues” from front-line Symposia within Europe. We are convinced that the cooperation between FEPS and Acta Physiologica will mark an important new development for both parties and will boost physiological science in Europe.

David Eisner Bayram Yılmaz

President of FEPS Secretary General of FEPS