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FEPS Lecturers

“The Annual FEPS Lecture is designed to showcase the best of European Physiology. The Lecturer is chosen by the Executive Committee of FEPS”


FEPS European Physiology Day (12th October 2021), Virtual meeting

  • Annette Dolphin

  • University College London, UK

  • "Neuronal Calcium Channel Traffşcking and Function: Relevance to Chronic Pain"


FEPS Congress 2019, Bologna, Italy

  • Jens Leipziger 

  • Aarhus University, Denmark

  • "Hormonal Regulation of Secretion in Collecting Duct Intercalated Cells"


Europhysiology 2018, London, UK

  • Maiken Nedergaard

  • University of Copenhagen, Denmark

  • "The Glymphatic System"


FEPS Congress 2017, Vienna, Austria

  • Marian Joels

  • University Medical Center Groningen, Netherlands

  • "The Stressed Brain of Rodents and Humans"

FEPS Congress 2016, Paris, France

  • Mathias Gautel

  • University College London, UK

  • "Sarcomeric signalling proteins: hubs for mechanosensation and hotspots for inherited myopathies"


FEPS Congress 2015, Kaunas, Lithuania

  • Maria Fitzgerald

  • University College London, London, UK

  • "The developing pain system: a lifelong story"


FEPS Congress 2014, Budapest, Hungary

  • Ulrich Pohl

  • Ludwig-Maximilian University, Munich, Germany

  • "Vascular Connexins: Cell Communication and Beyond"

IUPS Congress 2013, Birmingham, UK

  • Juleen Zierath

  • Karolinska Institutet, Sweden,

  • “Health-Promoting Effects of Exercise in Diabetes and Obesity”

FEPS Congress 2012, Santiago de Compostela, Spain

  • Frances Ashcroft

  • Oxford University, Oxford, UK

  • “ATP-Sensitive K Channels, from Molecule to Disease”

FEPS Congress 2011, Istanbul, Turkey

  • Antoon Moorman

  • Academic Medical Center, Amsterdam, The Netherlands

  • "Development of the Building Plan of the Heart"

FEPS Congress 2010, Copenhagen, Denmark

  • Lydia Sorokin

  • University of Münster, Germany

  • "The Role of the Laminin Family of Basement Membrane Proteins on Microvessel Structure and Function"

FEPS Congress 2009, Ljubljana, Slovenia

  • Tullio Pozzan

  • CNR Neuroscience Institute, Padova, Italy

  • "Measuring and Manipulating Second Messenger Levels in Cellular Organelles of Living Cells"

FEPS Congress 2003, Nice, France

  • Michael J. Berridge

  • University of Cambridge, The Babraham Institute, Cambridge UK

  • "Spatial and Temporal Aspects of Calcium Signalling”