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Abstracts available:

Slovakian Meeting 78th Physiology Days
The Physiological Society abstracts [1997-2002]
3rd FEPS Meeting, Nice, France 2003 (PDF) or (WORD)

Publication of Abstracts on the FEPS Website

FEPS is in the process of developing and expanding its own web-site. As part of this process it wishes to offer a service to member organisations to reproduce abstracts of work which will be presented at scientific meetings.
In particular, this will be useful to societies and organisations who do not produce printed pre-circulated abstracts, and to those who wish to offer their work to a wider audience.

This will be a free service to members and will be organised via the administrative office, who currently maintain the web-site.

How to prepare your submission:

In order to keep work to a minimum in London all preparative work must be done by the submitting organisation - no editorial work will be carried out.

Abstracts will only be accepted via the official organisers of the meeting and not from individual authors. Submit the abstracts preferably as a file attachment to an e-mail, or if necessary on a diskette (PC formatted). Use a standard word processing package - preferably Word6 or an equivalent. Do not submit figures or diagrams. Put all of the abstracts onto a single file if there are less than 100 abstracts. Increase the number of files pro rata for a greater number of abstracts. DO NOT submit each abstract as a single file. Include a programme of events, if possible, at the beginning of the first file, listing the times of poster and oral presentation, invited lectures and other events.

You may publish in any language, but a brief resume of your submission in English is required to ensure it is placed on the web-site correctly.

Remember: how the programme and abstracts appear on the web-site is up to you. Correct spelling and grammar are a good advertisement for a Meeting
Where to submit:

E-mail: Webmaster

By mail to: Torben R. Uhrenholt

Physiology and Pharmacology
Winslowparken 21
DK-5000 Odense C


It would be appreciated if you could give as much notice as possible of your intention to submit. In particular if you can give an indication some weeks in advance of when to expect a submission this would be particularly useful.

Remember that there is a FEPS calendar on the web-site. Do you have your Meeting clearly advertised on this site? If not please send your Meetings calendar to Sheila Greaves at the above address.

You may wish to have a link page with your own society or organisation; please let us know if you would like this.

Abstracts are designed for pre-circulation for a particular meeting and will be removed afterwards. The submitting organisation retains the copyright over abstracts.

The Physiological Society or FEPS can accept no responsibility for the content of any abstract or programme content. However, it is expected that all abstracts conform to national guidelines governing experiments on animals and human subjects. In addition The Physiological Society and FEPS will enter into no discussion regarding scientific malpractice. It remains the responsibility of the submitting authors and submitting organisation that such guidelines are responsibilities are enforced.