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FEPS Stands Against Racism

Anti racism message from FEPS

The Federation of European Physiology Societies (FEPS) upholds the principles of inclusivity and diversity, and thus FEPS Stands Against Racism.

FEPS is committed to inclusiveness and we value diversity, therefore we strongly condemn systemic racism, discrimination, injustice, and violence. FEPS has always and will continue to support physiologists in Europe and beyond regardless of color, sex, gender, socioeconomic background or geographical location. Our meetings have focused on promoting physiology for all and by all.

Now is the time for FEPS Executive Committee to publicly acknowledge the pain of injustice to colleagues subjected to racism and all other forms of prejudicial treatment - silence and inaction sustain discriminatory practices.

We acknowledge our responsibility to reflect, educate ourselves and re-commit to actions that support equality and justice throughout the scientific world, of which we are a part. The Executive Committee will advocate to help ensure all individuals are granted respect, opportunities, and resources to strengthen scientific pursuit. This commitment will make physiology and FEPS stronger.

FEPS has demonstrated its principles by asking for diversity in drawing up its scientific programmes, giving travel grants for those in need, running workshops on equality issues and teaching. We had also enthusiastically agreed to support an Africa-Europe workshop at the (cancelled) Europhysiology 2020 meeting in Berlin.

We will send this message to all our federated physiology societies and would also welcome any feedback on actions or collaborations we might undertake (send to Professor Susan Wray, FEPS President at:

FEPS Executive Committee:

Susan Wray, President

Markus Hecker, Past President

Bayram Yilmaz, Secretary General

Bill Louch, Treasurer

Robert Zorec, Member

Margarethe Geiger, Member